Three dimensional view of buildings and structures, from official air permit application, Nov 2013This website is a project of members of the Newark Residents Against the Power Plant (NRAPP), which is a group of concerned residents who are opposed to the 279 MW power plant proposed by The Data Centers, LLC (TDC) on the University of Delaware’s STAR campus. NRAPP is guided by a 12-person Steering Committee, has hundreds of members and has dozens of working groups and neighborhood groups across Newark.

Had no idea a huge gas power plant was planned in the middle of a residential area in Newark, Delaware’s 2nd most densely-populated city?  You’re not the only one!  

The news had been kept very tightly under wraps for over a year by City of Newark staff, TDC, the State of Delaware and the University of Delaware until June 2013–that’s when several private citizens became aware of the project and shared this info with the larger community.

Because of this secrecy, there’s plenty of details we still don’t know about this project. What we do know is that Data Centers, LLC is proposing to build a 900,000-square-foot data center, which would be run by energy created on site via a 279 MW natural gas fueled turbine system. The facility plans to create way more more electricity than it needs with plans to sell this excess to the Delaware Municipal Electric Corp (DMEC, the supplier of power to Newark’s city-owned utility) and to PJM Interconnection LLC.

To offer some perspective, it’s important to note that the Hope Creek Thermal Nuclear Power Plant generates a little over 1000 megawatts–while this proposed plant will produce one quarter that amount (279 megawatts)–and the proposed location is right in the middle of a residential town with a population of 30,000. It’s also important to note that this power plant could power 5 cities the size of Newark and would be the 5th largest power generator in the state.

Since June, the residents of Newark have been working to uncover and decipher information about TDC’s plans to construct this power plant. We have utilized Freedom of Information of Act requests (FOIA) to seek out documents, enlisted help from subject matter experts and spent many countless evenings reading, doing research, canvassing, meeting with our neighbors and sharing facts on this website.

Among some of our concerns are:

  • The close proximity of this power plant to homes, schools, daycare centers and parks
  • Air pollution
  • Noise pollution
  • Water consumption
  • Safety
  • Lack of transparency and community oversight and involvement
  • Misleading and contradictory information provided by TDC
  • Undue political influence and involvement
  • TDC has no proven track record or experience building power plants
  • And potential conflicts of interest among proponents, including the University of Delaware.

Our goal with this website is to use it as a clearinghouse for facts we uncover and as a point of communication for the movement.

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